The Gazebo Learning Project

The Gazebo Learning Project

A Legacy of Experiential and Experimental Early Childhood Education at Esalen

The Gazebo Learning Project shares the history and philosophy of Esalen Institute’s former early childhood program, Gazebo Park School. Gazebo philosophy is not Montessori, it is not Waldorf, it is not Reggio Emilia. So, what is Gazebo Pedagogy? It began as part of a Human Potential experiment at Esalen Institute called Gazebo Learning Project that grew into an early childhood center called Gazebo Park School that operated at Esalen for forty years.

Gazebo Learning Project offers a new paradigm for education by shining light on the core philosophic principles of this pedagogy including a unique view of the child and role of the teacher, a model for nature and outdoor education, the use of Gestalt practice with children and adults, and the benefits of pure play. This book is accessible so that educators, parents and curious seekers may learn from this unique approach. This model teaches us how children cultivate independence, self mastery, emotional literacy and conflict resolution skills, as well as a great love of nature, play and learning.

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The Gazebo Learning Project

Gazebo Learning Project presents a new paradigm for early education by sharing the model of the Gazebo Park School, an experimental early childhood program born from the Human Potential Movement at Esalen Institute. This book explores the value of environmental education, Gestalt practice with children and school staff, and a way to view the child and teacher in their innate capacity for personal growth, emotional intelligence, and self agency.